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A summary of the race weekend at Hungaroring


Kiss Norbi’s Saturday triumph and drama

Kiss Norbert from Szombathely attacked the trucking weekend with clearly defined goals, and with his team, Tankpool24 Racing,  they started working towards them on Friday. After they were done with the VIP and media drives, it was evident even at the free practices that the one month break has lent itself to some well-executed preparations. The new Mercedes engine’s purrs are like music, and Norbi ended Friday in the lead, thus the spirits were high at the pit and everybody awaited Saturday with high hopes.

At the timed practices everything went like a hot knife through butter. Norbi practically blew a raspberry at his enemies and finished first before Jochen Hahn and Steffi Halm. Despite all this, the Hungarian pilot was not completely satisfied with his performance and was anxious about the first race’s start. Well, Jochen Hahn did indeed start a bit better than Norbi, but he was able to keep the inner curve and, since they respectfully left enough space for each other, Kiss was able to turn first. This however, did not happen for the Buggyras, the big rivals: the championship leader Adam Lacko ended up on the grass after the Mansell-curve, after a fight with Antonio Albacete and Shane Brereton. The parts were flying like sparks from his teammate’s, David Vrsecky’s truck. The Czech finally took over Albacete, for the foruth place. Ryan Smith starting from the rear of the field was able to successfully fight his way into the middle, while Norbi increased his advantage over Hahn by four seconds by the half of the race. However, seven pilots were given 10-second penalties for exceeding the permitted 160 km/h speed.

At the reverse grid second race David Vrsecky could start from the first position, with Gerd Körber next to him. Ryan, who blasted through the first race with a crazy speed awaited the green lights from the third place. The start was incredibly close three pilots turned in the first curve: Vrsecky, Körber and Lenz. Norbi had a great start as well, and he was looking for his place behind the leaders when Smith said hello, so much so that Norbi even turned sideways and slowed down a little. Becuase of the collision, the Hungarian racer went straight into the parc ferme and had to fall out. Later it turned out that a spring broke. The case was put under scrutiny right away, while Vrsecky let his teammate Lacko forward who was overtaken by Jochen Hahn. The German tried to keep the Czech leader of the championship scoreboard under control but to no avail. Behind them two very worn trucks were duking it out, Vrsecky and Smith. Their duel was decided at the last turn, where the English was able to outrun his rival and snatch the third place - to the Hungarian audience’s obvious grief. The committee analysed the case for hours, but they finally accepted the results, so Smith was able to keep his place.Smith will probably recieve a three-spot penalty tomorrow.

Kiss’s Sunday balance: a second place and another drop-out.

After the destruction derby of Saturday, the emotions calmed down again and the Tankpool24 team was able to do a great job as well. Norbi showed his gratitude to his team and an auidence of 32.000 spectactors by earning the pole position with a 2:18 time, this time with the hopeful Adam Lacko starting next to him. The Czech pilot had a better start, but Norbi was able to keep the inner curve with his Mercedes. Their melee was decided by the third turn, where Lacko was able to outrun Norbi. Even though Kiss was able to catch up to him at the trickier parts of the Hungaroring, a proper attack was always out of his reach.

The valiant Ryan Smith took André Kursim into his sights on Sunday, and clashed with him. The results this time were some smoke and a slow flat tirefor the English pilot. Meanwhile Norbi again finished with the fastest lap time thus earning the Krasznai János memorial award on both days, showing that there are fields where fast and spectacular results were achieved  by the Hungarian pilot backed by the German pit. Behind the Kiss-Lacko pair, the Hahn-Albacete duel was intense as well, but the German fell back.

The third place was thus earned by Steffi Halm.

The weekend’s last race was headed by Gerd Körber with 30 years of racing experience, next to him was another orange colored truck, Sascha Lenz. Norbi started from the seventh spot and his goal was to avoid any tussles. After the start the first rowers were able to keep their positions, and held the formation for a few turns, but finally Körber was the one who went ahead and lead the race. Lenz however, was nudged by Hahn, with Albacete and Brereton getting a knock as well. The spaniard hit the rails, but after some lamenting he was able to continue the race. The slap-fest’s clear victor was Adam Lacko, who somehow ened up on the second place from his original eigth. The IVECO driver held his ground for several laps, but the Czech was able to overtake the legend and get very close to the third victory series where he earns three victories in a single race weekend.vSteffi Halm was able to fight her way through Hahn and even managed to defeat Körber. Meanwhile Norbi was fighting in the middle with David Vrsecky, who is well known for not letting his opponents go by. Ryan Smith was able to catch up to them, but this time he showed more respect to the driver from Szombathely. But again Norbi’s truck was struck by the gods of technical problems and he had to fall out due to his engine’s malfunctions. The Tankpool24 team has its work cut out for them, since they only have few days to solve the problems, as next weekend is another race weekend at Most in the Czech Republic.


The Championship current state:


1. Adam Lacko 232 points

2. KISS NORBERT 174 points

3. Jochen Hahn 174 points

4. Steffi Halm 172 points

5. Antonio Albacete 126 points

6. Sascha Lenz 92 points

7. Gerd Körber 88 points

8. David Vrsecky 48 pointst

9. Andre Kursim 43 points

10. José Rodrigues 40 points


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