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Blood donation

Date: 2019.06.23 10:00

Blood Donation Information

Everybody can be a blood donor, who is healthy, over the age of 18 but under 65 and weighs over 50kg.

Women can donate three times annually, men can donate five times. Between two donations a minimum of 56 days must pass.

A single use needle is used to take 4,5 deciliter whole blood, always into a sterilized blood sack. A small extra amount is taken into tubes for testing purposes.


Did you know that blood collection is also a great time for a screening?

Independent of the number of times the donor has donated, the blood type will be established and routine tests (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis) will be performed.


Among the diseases screened for during blood donations, hepatitis C is the most common. This is a form of chronic liver inflammation, caused by a virus, the so-called hepatitis C virus. It is commonly accepted that for every thousand people, 3-4 of them is affected, but only a fraction is aware and seeks treatment. Even if you yourself do not have any symptoms, it is conceivable that the virus is skulking around in your system like an insidious agent of disease. It is better to find out early, because with early treatment, the potential liver damage can be avoided! That is why virus screenings are so helpful during blood donations.


The process takes 30-45 minutes together with the check up and the recording of personal data. The blood collection itself takes 5-10 minutes. It is important to eat and drink before giving blood, because it helps in renewing the blood plasma. If there is a sufficient amount of liquid in your body, the blood vessels will be fuller, the vein will be more visible, and the process will be quicker. So, it is very important to drink at least 1,5-liters of water and to eat plenty before giving blood!


Required IDs:

  • picture ID (e.g.: student card, driver’s license, personal ID)
  • residence card
  • health insurance card (TAJ)


The process:

  • You give your personal info for the record, then you fill out a questionnaire about your health
  • to record your information, we need you personal ID and your health insurance card (TAJ)!
  • foreign citizens must apply with their passport and a Hungarian TAJ card.
  • you drink a few cups of tea, to preemptively compensate for the lost fluids
  • a medical and a laboratory checkup is next
  • if everything is in order, you lie down comfortably into the blood collection bed after which your blood will be collected into the sterile blood sack in 5-10 minutes
  • after this it is recommended to rest for 5-10 minutes

Join in helping the collection of sufficient blood to help the recovery of others! For you this means thirty minutes, but for others, it can mean their life.

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